Monday, 25 February 2013

Intergalactic Cognitive Science

There is a call for papers out from the newly founded Intergalactic Journal of Science.  The special issue will address "New Perspectives in Intergalactic Cognitive Science".

Cognitive Science is expanding at an exponential rate. However, the field is in need of unification. A unification of the how and why of the great diversity of cognitive architectures. A unification of the experiental contents now believed to be so diverse. A unification of scientific method, now varying per stellar community.
 And you thought the Topics module was pushing the envelope?


  1. I'm not terribly well-read on "intergalactic science", but I feel like a multidisciplinary field such as cognitive science lends itself to this kind of thing.

    Would aliens have the same sense of self that humans posses? Would a silicon-based brain be capable of the same things as a carbon-based one? It will be interesting to see how questions of this sort, that is, traditionally philosophical but with "scientific merit", are addressed.

  2. Travis, in relation to your question of whether aliens would have the same sense of self that humans posses? you might find this article amusing as I did:

    On a serious note, I am inclined to think that 'New perspectives in Intergalactic Cognitive Science' may be a little too ambitious for now, considering that as a field, among many other issues, we have still failed to provide a consensual definition as to what EXACTLY 'cognition' and the 'mind' are?

    I suppose as in many disciplines, the philosophy may always be 'onwards and upwards' - literally!