Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Fred's Sample Test Post

This is an example of how your test post should look.  There is text, of course, and for now we don't care about the content of your test.  You should provide a link to a pdf file.  Here for example is a link to The Extended Mind article to be read for next week. Notice I did not put an ugly, bare URL.  Instead, I made some clickable text.   This paragraph is the opening paragraph.  There will be more content, which you get to by clicking on the "Read more" button.

This is more text that is hidden "below the fold".  In this way we can ensure that the front page of the blog is not hogged by one or two over-long articles.

Once you have created your test post, with a title similar to this one, I will review it. If it needs editing, I will email you.  We can iterate until your post matches this one in style and formatting.  Then I will delete your test post, and we will all look forward to your first "real" post. 

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