Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tips about formatting your post

The picture on the left can be positioned left, center, or tight.  When composing your post, click on the image, and these appear as choices (among others) underneath the picture.  For the sake of consistency, I suggest we all choose "medium" as the size of the picture that appears on the front page of the blog.

Text breaking is now working.  At least temporarily.  The icon for inserting the break is shown below.

Please excuse some instability in the appearance of the blog as I try out a few options.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Fred, composed a test post, and all went swimmingly until it came to the JUMP. Atho' I used the text break icon, and the jump appears in my draft, when I preview the post the break doesn't appear. Any ideas? Not sure if you can access my draft/preview, but if you can the title is 'How to Build a Brain'. Bernice